Aerial Yoga for absolute beginners

I'd been curious about Aerial yoga for a while having seen it advertised at the Four Seasons. Unfortunately at a million pounds for a one hour class (well 55 bd) i'd been priced out of the experience until I saw that the yoga centre in Boudaiya, Namaste, was offering the same. After calling up to…Read more Aerial Yoga for absolute beginners


Paddling like a Gypsea

Fed up with hibernating indoors away from the heat for the past couple of months, we decided to venture out and dip our toes back into the sea with some water based activities. Gypsea tribe had popped up on my Facebook advertising a moonlight paddling sesh and despite never being able to quite trust if…Read more Paddling like a Gypsea

Galgorm Resort & Spa

Back in the motherland for the week and the mother had planned some quality indulgence time for us at Galgorm resort & spa. Having never been before, I had zero expectations and was just looking forward to soaking up as much greenery and rain as possible before heading back to the desert. We drove up…Read more Galgorm Resort & Spa

Daily Dose Bahrain

I have a feeling i'm going to be obsessed by this place which fortuitously is very close to my house. I'd heard about Daily Dose online a while ago and had been meaning to try it. There's no way i'd have seen it in passing as it's pretty well hidden and playing really hard to…Read more Daily Dose Bahrain

Green Gorilla Breakfast Bowl

Taking the Green Gorilla smoothie to the next level for a bit of variety in the mornings and to give it some extra oomph and goodness with whatever's in the cupboards! For the smoothie: 1/2 banana handful of fresh spinach or two frozen spinach drops scoop of vanilla whey protein a few ice cubes 1…Read more Green Gorilla Breakfast Bowl

A brief Goan adventure

With some time to play with during the Eid holidays, we made a last minute decision to head to Goa for a week. I hadn't been to India before so this was a light intro. We flew with Jet Airways and despite a totally bizarre transfer in Mumbai airport, it was a very smooth journey…Read more A brief Goan adventure

Summer reads

I've had an excellent run of great reads over the last couple of months, it helps that i've been on Ramadan hours so have had more time! Although it's not a pre-requisite where my reading choice in concerned, they all contain 'girl' in the title (and no, Gone Girl's not one of them as if…Read more Summer reads