I’ve had an excellent run of great reads over the last couple of months, it helps that i’ve been on Ramadan hours so have had more time! Although it’s not a pre-requisite where my reading choice in concerned, they all contain ‘girl’ in the title (and no, Gone Girl’s not one of them as if you haven’t read it yet you must live under a rock and thus don’t have the internet so won’t be able to access this blog for my recommendations anyway).

First was ‘The Girl on The Train’ by Paula Hawkins, set in a village on the outskirts of London and told in three alternating female narrative voices involving the same characters and place, I was totally drawn in by the downtrodden and flawed lead character Rachel and the events that end up unfolding in the novel, a bit of a ย thriller set against a very normal leafy suburban scene and superbly gripping full of actual surprises!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 15.01.35

Next up was ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ by Jessica Knoll, set in New York, female protagonist TifAni Fanelli has worked hard to distance herself from some difficult & dark years growing up in a small town, it appears that she has the world at her feet with the perfect life most women would kill for but the facade begins to drop when she starts to confront her past and all that happened in her formative years. TifAni was a trickier nut to crack as a likeable character but still managed to win me over as another well drawn complex modern heroine, not wanting to give anything away there are more twists in the tail, another page turner!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 15.01.55

Final read is ‘The Good Girl’ by Mary Kubica. This was probably my least favourite of the trio. The narrative structure was interesting, told from the point of view of three different characters either noted as ‘before’ or ‘after’ an unspoken event to be discovered as the novel progresses. Unlike the others, we don’t hear the internal monologue of the female lead for most of the book so it’s left to the other characters to build the picture. It plodded along but the ending seemed a bit far-fetched and unrealistic to me, in terms of characters rather than plot – I can’t bear a spoiler so read it and hopefully that’ll make sense to you!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 15.02.22

All of them were great examples of flawed female protagonists, real women with opposing traits and complex personalities which is thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing for a real woman to read! ย Am always on the look out for a good book so please send me suggestions in the comments, thanks!



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