I have a feeling i’m going to be obsessed by this place which fortuitously is very close to my house. I’d heard about Daily Dose online a while ago and had been meaning to try it. There’s no way i’d have seen it in passing as it’s pretty well hidden and playing really hard to get by not even having its own sign yet, instead, going under the disguise of “Vitamin Zone” just down from the Saar Alosra on the Budaiya Highway.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 14.35.41

Daily Dose apparently had its soft launch at the beginning of October but not quite sure if or when it’s planning an official launch. It was right up my street, a bit of quirky chalkboard design on the walls, light and airy and with no one to be seen for the first few minutes of us arriving, it was refreshing to be somewhere that felt relaxed where we weren’t surrounded by over attentive meerkats for a change! It gave us time to peruse the menu and choose from their vast array of juices. After a heady weekend, my body was craving some leafy green goodness so we both went for a mean green juice which consisted of: spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, kale & ginger with an added extra shot of wheatgrass – in for a green penny, in for a green pound yeah? It was top notch and much less labour intensive or messy than making one myself. Definitely worth a visit if you’re around Saar, i’ll be a frequent visitor – maybe a loyalty card scheme could be implemented if the management read this? πŸ™‚

It seems like there’s a very slow healthy food movement coming to Bahrain, at least i’m very hopeful that places like Daily Dose and the highly anticipated Seed opening coming soon will take off as it’s not easy to find a genuinely healthy option on the go in the Kingdom. Fingers crossed for more of the same!


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