Fed up with hibernating indoors away from the heat for the past couple of months, we decided to venture out and dip our toes back into the sea with some water based activities. Gypsea tribe had popped up on my Facebook advertising a moonlight paddling sesh and despite never being able to quite trust if something is going to go ahead or not in Bahrain I put my cynicism to one side and booked us in. Come the day we ended up being the unreliable ones, arriving slightly after our alloted time due to C running late at work. We were put into a later slot so killed some time with a beer and a swim.


Was a pleasant surprise to find out it was happening at Nurana Island, not too far from us and they had a great set up organised. With some relaxed Bahraini seating set up, torches, lanterns and a barbecue it was a welcome change or pace and something a bit different to what is usually on offer on the island.


As the sun went down, we munched on samoosa and waited for our turn to paddle up. Our instructor was a Spaniard called Alejandro who gave us the run down on our route and the do’s/ don’ts etc then off we went into the darkness with just the light of the moon and the distant lights of Seef to guide us.


Thankfully we all made it back with no wobbles or falls into the inky depths, was a great experience and great to meet some new people in such a chilled atmosphere. Would definitely recommend Mohanna and the Gypsea Tribe, only concession would be that it’s advertised as a 1 hour trip and it actually turned out to be half an hour of actual paddling which was a bit misleading. Cost was 20 bd for paddling and bbq.



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