Daily Dose Bahrain

I have a feeling i'm going to be obsessed by this place which fortuitously is very close to my house. I'd heard about Daily Dose online a while ago and had been meaning to try it. There's no way i'd have seen it in passing as it's pretty well hidden and playing really hard to…Read more Daily Dose Bahrain


Hash House

After a month of Ramadan austerity followed by an Eidy splurge in Dubai last weekend, I was in the mood for a balanced compromise between the two last weekend. The prospect of a full brunch was terrifying to both my liver and bank balance so me and my mate date decided on Hash House in…Read more Hash House

Vinoteca Barcelona

I've enjoyed a few visits to Vinoteca Barcelona over the past year, a relatively new addition to the Bahrain dining scene. On previous occasions i've quaffed huge goblets of Spanish gins brought to the table on a nifty hostess trolley where you can select your tipple and garnishes, who doesn't love a bit of gin…Read more Vinoteca Barcelona

Ladies Wot Brunch

One of the most popular and regular social engagements around these parts is brunch, not the coffee-juice-eggs-benedict-leisurely-read-of-the-papers type brunch that I was more au fait with before moving here. No no, this is an altogether more weighty endeavor where one must wear something one hasn’t just rolled out of bed in and prepare oneself for…Read more Ladies Wot Brunch